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With Kim Cheshire. The Bello Winter Music Festival Since moving to the North Coast of NSW, one of my favourite discoveries has been the Mullumbimby Music Festival, a community styled gathering that takes over the theatres, pubs, clubs and cafes of the town for three days of musical and cultural celebration, run by Mullumbimby resident

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Audrey Auld

AUDREY AULD HEY WARDEN It’s always a treat to discover a new Audrey Auld CD in your postbox. Her last, the Kenny Vaughan produced Tonk was, and still is played regularly in our house, but had to take a back seat when her prison themed Hey Warden arrived a few days ago. The culmination of

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Australian Confederates

AUSTRALIAN CONFEDERATES Terry Smyth Random Penguin As the Confederate flag is lowered for the last time in parts of Southern USA, it is fascinating to learn that in the summer of 1865, when the Confederate warship Shenandoah sailed into the port of Melbourne, 42 men secretly smuggled themselves on board in the dead of night