Bluegrass Truth

By Lachlan & Hamish Davidson The acoustic music revival across Australia is showing solid growth and it is dissolving the boundaries between Bluegrass, Americana, Alternative-Country and Traditional Country. It is becoming increasingly common to walk into a bar on Sydney Road (Melbourne) or in places like Fitzroy (Melb), Collingwood (Melb), Annandale (Syd) or Newtown (Syd)

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Gretchen Peters

GRETCHEN PETERS BLACKBIRDS  Unquestionably rated in the elite echelons of song-makers since her ‘Independence Day’ was named Song of the Year for Martina McBride, and innumerable hits for other superstars, Peters’ own delivery is second to none. I declare a bias up front – to me Gretchen’s music is like catching up with a precious

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Poster Girl

POSTER GIRL Beccy Cole (Hachette) With absolute candour, Beccy shares her story: from her early teens playing in her mothers’ band Wild Oats, winning Star Maker and ultimately leaving everything she knew to pursue her dream. Making a name for herself with her own band; her marriage and motherhood; her subsequent divorce, becoming a single