Cassandra Austin Penguin Random House

When a bridge in the small outback town of Mululuk mysteriously collapses, the town is cut off from the world, and its citizens from each other. Rachel, an unwilling teenage visitor sent to her uncle from Melbourne becomes embroiled in the drama. Janice wakes from a car accident confused and faced with damning questions. Secrets she thought were buried surface and tensions mount intolerably. Gussy knows all there is to know about Mululuk and its citizens. The fallen bridge however is a mystery even to her and she is frantic to get to the bottom of events. It is Gussy’s old friend Charlie, a mysterious, scruffy and charismatic alcoholic, who has a terrifying plan for how to rebuild the bridge. Wry, rich and unsettling, this is a starkly Australian gothic novel about a community divided, the secrets we keep, and a chilling belief in how to build a bridge strong and safe.