Amber will release her new kids album for a dinkum Aussie Christmas to get all the kids singing and dancing around the barbeque with these distinctly Australian songs. 

“Christmas is “the best day of the year”, and with the arrival of more nieces and nephews in my life, it just gets better every year for me. So I wanted to celebrate that with an album of uniquely Australian Christmas songs. I wanted to make music that will become a part of the great Aussie backyard family Christmas! It was a heap of fun to write, record and perform these 11 brand new songs!” said Ms Lawrence.

Over the past three years, Amber has successfully created an alter ego – in the form of her ‘Kids Gone Country’ character.  With the viral success of ‘My Big Mack Truck’, ‘In My Belly’ and ‘My Grandma’ Amber is back with the next chapter.  ‘My Big Mack Truck’ clocked up over 1.3 million video views on social media with a big reach and reaction in the US, UK, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

Featuring 11 original songs specifically detailing an Australian Christmas, there’s the fun – ‘Aussie Aussie Christmas’, ‘Swimming pool’, a bluesy tune, featuring a kazoo solo ‘I like Christmas’, a song featuring animals at their ‘Animal Christmas Do’ and the autobiographical– ‘My Aunty is the Fun One on Christmas Day’.  Make no mistake, this album is not just for kids. It’s a feel good Christmas album, that will make you feel proud of the unique way we Aussies celebrate Christmas, make you laugh and no doubt make ex-pat Aussies homesick.