Blake Shelton is known for his quick-witted sense of humour, and he shows it off in the song ‘Money’ which details a life of living in squalor filled with bouncing rent checks, frequent takeaway and cheap, one-ply toilet paper. But none of this matters because the love of his life makes him feel like the richest man in the world. That signature mix of sweet and smart-ass is available throughout the album. Lead single ‘I’ll Name the Dogs,’ ‘I Lived It,’ ‘At the House’ and ‘Turnin’ Me On,’ the latter two which are inspired by girlfriend Gwen Stefani, and the last bowing a definite nod to the Eagles or at least the 80s! Getting tangled up in the sheets the morning after a rendezvous, ‘Hangover Due’ is a flirty little play on words before moving on with his bender, Shelton questions love confessions tainted by a bottle of red in ‘When the Wine Wears Off.’ It is a plea that under-the-influence confessions are truth, and that he won’t wake to heartbreak and a hangover.