Brad Cox, the reigning Star Maker whom we introduced last issue after that impressive win, has delivered an imposing debut album. Owning an exceptional vocal and solid song writing chops, Brad is the real deal with the dirt-left-on when it comes to Australian contemporary country. Refreshingly raw and unpolished there is no pretense or artifice to be found bunging on airs among this set. This self-titled album is his story, the story of a knockabout 22 year old bloke from Jindabyne in the high country. Recorded and produced by Matt Fell these tunes are more than just beer and whiskey-soaked, nicotine-stained whoops for the open road. While #1 single ‘Too Drunk to Drive’ has been a solid introduction and ‘Towels’, a thigh slapping party anthem are let it rip Friday night fare, it is ‘Water on the Ground’ evoking the hardships of living on the land and suicide in farming communities that brings out the real Brad Cox. ‘Found My Way Home’ delivers a taste of Summer to the album, just in time for Winter. Check out new single ‘Lake House’ which showcases some great playing that punctuates the whole album. While Brad Cox clearly mounts a campaign that he is an alternative within the mainstream, he is still up for a traditional cold beer on a Friday night.