Carlile is in a class and genre all her own in terms of giving commonplace occasions and incidents a cinematic status that makes you wonder how she does what she does so flawlessly. Smash single, ‘The Mother,’ is the second offering from the Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings produced project and is a superb piece of writing in any genre. “Welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind,” Carlile said of the track, and her experience with motherhood in general.  “To some, this sounds like the realization of their most sacred dreams – true companionship. For some, this sacrifice is too much to bear and requires its own brand of radical forgiveness. For the most part and for me, it is equal measures of both. I am not just a mother, but it’s all that I am.” The themes are universal, conversational and mundane but so exquisitely wrought as to be astounding in their simplicity. ‘The Joke’ ‘Harder to Forgive’ and ‘Fulton County Jane Doe’ will give entree – you decide – superlatives are obsolete for mine but I understand her brand of articulation and selection of themes is an acquired taste.