Issue 85 – OUT NOW!

GREETINGS! Firstly let me welcome Chris Matthews as a new columnist bringing the top end of WA’s Kimberley region alive for readers. Chris is resident muso at El Questro for the winter months and presently on a ‘singing odyssey’ with Luke O’Shea touring the coast of WA from bottom to top. A stack of excellent […]

Chris Stapleton

By Denise Torenbeek The broad strokes of Chris Stapleton’s story have long since been transformed into contemporary country-music mythology. A veteran songwriter who spent 15 years writing for bros (Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett), traditionalists (George Strait, Alison Krauss), and the most popular singer in the world (Adele), Stapleton finally stepped out on his own with […]

Caitlyn Shadbolt

By Mikaela Bella Songwriters take note: if ever you experience a deficit of inspiration you can always mosey on over to Bali. It worked a treat for Caitlyn Shadbolt, who penned the twelve tracks on her delightful debut album Songs On My Sleeve while jet setting between three continents and four cities (with Nashville, Sydney […]

Zac Brown Band

By Gareth Hipwell This is the most personal album we’ve ever done and we’re very proud of it. Welcome home,” says Zac Brown of Welcome Home, the fifth major label outing for the tireless juggernaut that is the 8-piece Zac Brown Band. Representing a marked softening in both sound and thematic thrust after the kaleidoscopic […]

Brad Paisley

By Denise Torenbeek I was beginning to fret that this long-awaited record would never see the light of day, as for several issues I’ve had it slated for the lead story only to learn it would be postponed to a future date. Nought for it but to wait patiently and trust it was a case of […]

Jimmy Webb

By Kim Cheshire It’s been nearly 20 years since master songwriter Jimmy Web visited Australia promoting his book, Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting. I caught him at Sydney’s Basement along with many of Australia’s top songwriters, music publishers and fans. The book although semi autobiographical was more a tutorial than a personal bio and […]

Issue 84 – OUT NOW!

Okay, I am ready for Summer to be over NOW! I’ve survived the drought, the heat waves, the seven months without rain, the fire hazard… I’ve been a good little wildlife warrior and put out water for the birds ‘n bees, and critters diligently…but as of now I am all out of ‘peace, love and […]

Adam Brand

Since the last album, My Side of the Street, and the last time we chatted you’ve had a few changes of address and kicked some goals with a side-project or two. You moved to Townsville and opened a restaurant called Brandy’s on the Strand up there in torpid, tropical NQ and had a couple of […]

Adam Harvey & Beccy Cole

From cross-dressing routines to close out a set – Beccy dressing up as Adam and vice versa – to stink bombs surreptitiously deposited under a microphone mid-song, Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey have always brought out the…best…in one another. Almost 18 years after first hitting the road together while touring with Gina Jeffreys, and with […]