VARIOUS ARTISTS Double disc – CD and DVD of the live Concert. Having never been a huge fan of tribute albums, live albums or even Waylon Jennings for that matter, I was surprised to discover my critical parameters expanding as I moved track by track through this inspiring collection of performances. This musical memoir of […]


TRUE NORTH ‘Sisters’ is the newest single from Rachel and Bec Olsson, sister act Innocent Eve. The second single taken from True North is written about the three Olsson sisters; Bec, Rachel and Catherine who share a strong bond and who were all once in a covers band together. Although quite different in looks, personality […]


BAREFOOT WONDERLAND Justin Bernasconi is considered a rarity among guitarists and songwriters. Straddling styles and sounds from the Delta Blues, Appalachian Bluegrass, English Folk and all stops in between, his highly original tunes, are infused with exciting and soulful guitar playing. The album opens with ‘Speed Camera’, which is the true story how Bernasconi’s partner […]


TROPHY This fourth album by Houston songwriter Sunny Sweeney, is a ten-song ode to old-school country charms. And while Sweeney is deeply entrenched in tradition (“I feel like Hank Williams tonight,” goes the chorus to one of the album’s most memorable songs – and she’s damn sure proud of it), Sweeney puts in the work […]


SOMEWHERE WEST OF LARAMIE Red Mesa Records Raised in the great American Southwest to revere the fiercely independent spirit of its’ native tribes and pioneer immigrants, RJ Daniel’s personal life experience ranging from farming with Hopi elders to herding Navajo livestock, forged his soul in the fires of spiritual truth letting the hammer of hard […]


THIS ONE’S FOR YOU Combs, the artist recognized as “breaking big” by Entertainment Weekly and praised for “carving out a niche for himself as the millennial everyman” by Billboard, proves true to the acclaim as his celebrated debut single ‘Hurricane.’ Short-circuiting the accepted ‘Ten Year Plan’ to under two years, Combs’ debut album This One’s […]


FINGERPRINTS Co-produced by Ross Copperman and Jeremy Stover, members of the EYband infused their personal experiences into eight of the songs they wrote on the album. Lead singer Mike Eli crafted lyrics evoking his bond with wife Kacey on their current single ‘Skin & Bones,’ reflecting, “We’ve become so intertwined it’s hard to say where […]


DEEP SOUTH UMA With his rich, deep voice and distinctive style, Turner is one of country music’s most recognizable and successful artists.  With album sales/streaming over seven million to date he has impressively amassed over one billion lifetime audio streams. Turner’s gospel output has received six Inspirational Country Music Awards and he has garnered multiple […]


LONESTAR “Sweetheart, I ain’t playing second fiddle.” It’s the opening declaration on Hayley Marsten’s brassy second release, and a statement you’d be a fool to doubt. The Gladstone songwriter and purveyor of bold country music is older and wiser on Lonestar, new second album that is at once playful and deeply personal. The marriage of […]


GYPSY MOJO Arguably more blues than country but definite swamp vibes prevail! a fine mix of tunes that take you in and out of the swamp to New Orleans and everywhere in between. Featuring for the first time Tim Cramer on Bass, the trio have put their heart and soul into serving up a 12 […]


A SHORTER STORY Britain’s freshest country sister act, Ward Thomas has revived five popular – however, overplayed – tunes from the last three decades. The CMC Rocks QLD stars and twins, Catherine and Lizzy, have chosen tracks far away from the realm of country to give them an acoustic cleansing. They offer a sweeter take […]


KIDS IN THE STREET Townes Earle’s seventh full-length outing is his first to be recorded outside of Nashville. Despite which, Kids finds the alt. country tastemaker reflecting on his knockabout youth in the Music City of the 80s and 90s, bristling as he considers the unchecked pace of change that has made his hometown all […]