WEST COAST TOWN When he’s not tearing it up with Foo Fighters or taking a punk-rock hatchet to beloved classic songs with Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Chris Shiflett is recording Americana podcast Walking the Floor and making country records – as in 2013’s honkytonk covers album All Hat and No Cattle (2013). Produced […]


I MUST BE SOMEWHERE Three albums deep, songwriter-vocalists Nick O’Mara and Luke Sinclair have arrived at something close to perfect. Previous outing Diamonds in the Bloodstream (2015) was a glorious show of alt. country style and poise. But with Somewhere, RBE up the ante with so many richly textured arrangements: O’Mara’s dusky ‘Every Night’ features […]


WILD AND UNKNOWN 4th album for much loved North Coast singer songwriter Sara Tindley is more than a little special. Her recent brush with mortality has imbued her distinctly Australian prose with a depth way beyond the scope of her previous work. Her new found emotional bravery has also allowed her to break from the […]


LOVE WITHOUT CO-DEPENDENCY Intelligence, wisdom, life experience, introspection and a career saturated in the arts has flavoured this stunning debut LP from Matt Henry. Light touch production steered mostly by Shane Nicholson, underlies lyric-heavy songs laced with intrigue. As a vocalist Matt is unassuming, perfectly suited to the delivery of these unexpected lines and concepts.  […]


COVER STORIES:  VARIOUS This gem surrenders the spotlight to 14 Carlile fans who happen to be some of contemporary music’s most revered stars. Most tracks were recorded specifically for this project, though its’ inspiration, Adele’s recording of ‘Hiding My Heart,’ was originally released in 2011. The superstar’s pristine rendition sets the album’s tone, honouring Carlile […]