Bentley has a well-known love of bluegrass inc his bluegrass-inspired album Up on the Ridge in 2010. He has now scaled heights anew to conquer The Mountain. The Colorado ski town of Telluride, home to a storied progressive bluegrass festival, inspired a freewheeling process spiked by returning with six of his favourite “Telluwriters” to imbue them with ‘the mountain awe’ and capture a particular mood. Highlighting a marriage of roots instrumentation and a modern, rock-focused drive.

Dierks joked he needed a song like first single ‘Woman, Amen’ to counterbalance lyrics like “country cutie with a rock-and-roll booty.” He says he’s definitely guilty of creating songs simply about partying, and the driving rocker ‘Burning Man’ (feat Osmond Bros) and optimistic ballad ‘Living’ won’t disappoint those out for the rustic romps. ‘Hold the Light,’ is a collaboration with Bon Iver’s S. Carey from the Only the Brave soundtrack memorializing the 19 firefighters who died battling a wildfire in Bentley’s native Arizona in 2013. Several tracks possess the propulsive power, programmed loops and digital snap of current country production, alongside bluegrass textures of mandolin, banjo, fiddle and flat-picked guitar and the shimmery, resonant twang of West Coast country-rock sit front and centre.