Co-produced by Ross Copperman and Jeremy Stover, members of the EYband infused their personal experiences into eight of the songs they wrote on the album. Lead singer Mike Eli crafted lyrics evoking his bond with wife Kacey on their current single ‘Skin & Bones,’ reflecting, “We’ve become so intertwined it’s hard to say where I end and she begins. I’ve noticed certain things that I do and I am, simply because of her.”

Fingerprints is a return to form for the band as rocking guitars, edgy attitude and driving rhythm quickens the heart rate and propels the listener forward through a musical journey. While their music has evolved over the years, longtime fans will hear familiar sounds that signal a return to their sonic roots. Album highlights include the instantly familiar, pulsating beat of ‘Never Again,’ the sexy mood created by ‘God Love The Rain,’ and the honest and upbeat closer ‘The Days I Feel Alone.’