This album has been trumpeted elsewhere as a launching pad for a glittering career to come, heralding the creation of yet another new sub-set of Country music, a genre that fractures and splits on a weekly basis, much to the wailing and angst of the traditionalists – that subset being huge arena anthems played on traditional instruments ala Mumford & Sons. Locked and loaded and fresh off the blocks with a killer combination of boy-band looks, Music Row songwriting chops and classic-rock musicianship Lanco signals longevity beyond the smash ‘Greatest Love Story.’ This collection of stadium rock, bluesy country and intimate singer-songwriter pop is slickly tied together by frontman Brandon Lancaster’s voice and leans more towards laidback than might be expected, refreshingly so in fact. LANCO (short for Lancaster & co) workshopped its melting-pot sound with producer Jay Joyce (Little Big Town, Eric Church) and are chewing at the bit, awaiting second single ‘Born to Love You’ and the post-winter thaw to embark on their first stadium tour with Chris Young.