This album celebrates the family man, dedicated to his two sons, 9-year-old Takoda and 3-year-old Ryker, and new daughter Trulee Nanette, born in June, with wife Sara. Lead single, ‘Boy’ is a charming tribute and his sons also appear in its’ video. 15 tracks that take the listener to church, school, home and out on a Saturday night.

They brim with wide-open emotional vocal performances, built on a bedrock of thick grooves, squalling guitars, tumbling drums and sheets of steamy B-3 organ. The album’s big, bold, yet immediately accessible sound is sure to please fans of country gold but it also boasts a newfound simplicity to tracks like the real life ‘Songs In The Kitchen,’ the soul-searching ‘What Keeps You Up At Night,’ and self-recognizing ‘I Don’t Smoke,’ which scrapes Brice’s musical bone and features guitars by Warren Haynes.

Music seems genetically hard-wired into ‘that guy in the neighbourhood everybody knows and loves’. It’s what gives ‘The Locals’ its’ sense of enjoying the ones who are happy right where they were born and raised – and captures the positive outlook in the face of adversity that tempers those facing life’s greatest challenges on the loping ‘Have a Good Day.’

That same positivity infuses the Bruce Hornsby-evoking ‘Stories to Tell’ with a sense of how powerful every single person’s narrative is.