30 plus years into his illustrious career following his 1986 debut album, there has only been one ‘best of’ release (2001’s Anthology, Vol. 1: Cowboy Man) and half of the songs on this (15 tracks; 49 min.) are a replay of ones found on Anthology. Not surprisingly, we are talking about the  early songs (‘Cowboy Man,’ ‘God Will,’ ‘Why I Dont Know,’ ‘Give Back My Heart,’ ‘I Loved You Yesterday,’ ‘If I Had a Boat’ ‘If I Were the Man You Wanted’). Thankfully, it is chronologically sequenced opening with Lovett’s first single ever ‘Farther Down the Line,’ and to ‘If I Were the Man You Wanted’ the 12 tracks cover 3 years, and the last 28 years get only 2 tracks (1994’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hat’, 1997’s ‘Private Conversation’) before closing with ‘Closing Time.’ Notable and curious omissions would inc ‘You’ve Been So Good Up to Now,’ a mainstream Top 40 hit in 1992, and the 1996 Toy Story hit ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ with Randy Newman. Apart from nitpicking it is a glorious, elegant, inimitable, thoroughly wonderful experience to enjoy!