Delivering on the promise of her 2016 debut ‘Midwest Farmer’s Daughter,’ – an album that took her from country underdog to breakout star – Price raises the stakes offering 12 new, original songs that explore long nights and hard days, wild women and cocaine cowboys, politics and sexism, with plainspoken poetry and cutting insight.

Real-deal country music may be the most prominent touchstone on ‘All American Made,’ with the genre’s éminence grise Willie Nelson dueting with Price on the heart-stopping ‘Learning to Lose,’ but touches of classic soul and R&B inform many of the arrangements here, fusing two of Tennessee’s greatest musical exports. The funky ‘Do Right By Me’ grooves with gospel legends The McCrary Sisters on backing vocals, and the driving ‘A Little Pain’ features sweeping orchestration by Memphis legend Lester Snell (the man responsible for the string arrangements in ‘Shaft’).