Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Megan Cooper turned heads with stunningly poised 2013 debut Ghosts, Choirs & Kings. Since then, Cooper has done anything but bide her time, performing tirelessly while assembling the songs that comprise breathtaking sophomore outing Wild Mountain. Re-enlisting producer Michael Muchow (Hillbilly Killers), Cooper assembled players including bassist Ben Conicella (Bill Chambers), Danny Widdicombe of the Wilson Pickers – who contributes pedal steel to two tracks – and fiddle player Sally-Anna Campbell (Bernard Fanning) to assist in the making of Wild Mountain. A songsmith born, Cooper envelops her exquisitely communicative vocal in lush guitar textures (defiant heartache tune ‘Bluer Than Mine’), soaring, cinematic atmospherics (‘Wild Mountain’), and so many entrancing melodies (‘Running With Ghosts’). Drawing liberally from the wells of 70s folk-rock (‘Ticking Away’), Americana, and classic country (see ‘End the Night’), Wild Mountain transcends place and time, penetrating the mysteries of the human heart while projecting optimism at every turn.