MY MOTHER A SERIAL KILLER Hazel Baron & Janet Fife-Yeomans

Hazel Baron was nine when she first suspected her mother was a murderer. In the small town of Wilcannia, NSW, in the 1950s, Hazel’s mother, Dulcie Bodsworth, was loved by all.  Even the police officers looked upon Dulcie favourably as she brought them freshly baked scones and cakes for morning tea. No one suspected that Dulcie was capable of murder or had any inkling that she’d killed three men. Except her daughter, who saw the dark side of Dulcie, and what she knew terrified her. Both an evocative insight into the harshness of life on the fringes of society in the 1950s, and a chilling account of a murderous mother and her courageous daughter who ultimately saw her jailed.