Produced by an evidently tireless Dave Cobb, Old Crow’s signature old-timey sound feels as alive as ever – in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking it was recorded at a kitchen party. It’s bound to thrill longtime fans, and anyone looking for some relief from the suffocating smoothness of most mainstream country. Its’ rustic references, all etched with nostalgia and songs that offer reasons for return to the pleasures of front porch existence – ‘Dixie Avenue’ and ‘A World Away’ celebrate the joys of home and hearth and the sheer celebration that comes with knowing where one belongs. Coming just a year after their triumphant Appalachian re-imagining of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, the band sound invigorated and joyful. Moving between the clap-your-hands-everybody opener ‘Flicker & Shine,’ the sultry stomp of ‘Child of the Mississippi’ and the plaintive, ‘Look Away,’ the band demonstrate wide range while drawing from a deep well of experience.