A gripping and evocative collection of 12 stories in song from the masters of the form, Tex, Don and Charlie.  More than a decade has passed since the trio’s last album, 2005’s All Is Forgiven and their spectacular 1993 debut Sad But True.

Bookended by a pair of Don and Tex duets (the muscular ‘What I Am’ as the opener, the ridiculously empathetic and beautiful ‘How Good Is Life’ to close proceedings) with the two of them alternating singing duties on the remaining numbers, complimented by Charlie’s masterful guitar work.

The album’s lead track, Tex’s ‘A Man In Conflict With Nature’, is darkly hilarious – sketching the kind of loose, uninhibited character your grandmother warned you against: the layabout who, after a winning tip at the dogs, celebrates with “three hookers and some sushi”.

The song ‘Here’s As Good As Anywhere’ is an older, wiser, more calibrated view of the world that’s on offer, conceiving the album’s title: “You don’t know lonely/Till you’ve looked back down the road/From one more town/Knowing she’s no longer there/And here’s as good as anywhere.”