Arguably more blues than country but definite swamp vibes prevail! a fine mix of tunes that take you in and out of the swamp to New Orleans and everywhere in between. Featuring for the first time Tim Cramer on Bass, the trio have put their heart and soul into serving up a 12 track, (13 if you count the intro to Hush Hoggies) rock n blues feast adding more of Andy’s harmonica, intertwined with Owen’s outstanding vocals and guitar prowess. Venturing briefly into political waters then returning to heartfelt lyrics of everyday life as seen through the lens of the trio.

Oz blues has long had a deep affiliation with boogie and shuffle feels, and The Hollerin Sluggers bring both to the game in spades on a cut like ‘Rockin Saturday Night’ or ‘Going Up The River’- a swampy country shuffle overlayed with gritty harmonica inspired by Andy’s love of fishing, the track produces imagery of the swamp and the Blues’ favourite fish “the Catfish”. The simple things in life are always the best, going fishing and taking your catch home (maybe) to the Mrs and hopefully reaping the rewards.