On this second album, Rhett says to expect even more of the funk, soul and R&B flavour of the project’s feel-good first single, ‘Crash and Burn.’

Fans of Rhett’s previous effort, 2013’s It Goes Like This, should find about 25 percent of the new album still feels familiar. Jordin Sparks appears for a duet on the soaring power ballad ‘Playing With Fire,’ ‘T-Shirt’ and ‘Single Girl’ bring back the smouldering romantic from ‘Make Me Wanna,’ and ‘Learned It From the Radio’ delivers a pickup-sized load of dirt-road imagery.

‘Anthem’ starts the album off with a pumped-up country rap, while funk and disco collide on ‘Tangled’ and melodic hip-hop meets pop on ‘I Feel Good’ (featuring “Bills” rapper Lunch Money Lewis). The shuffling beat of ‘Vacation’ bears such a strong resemblance to War’s iconic slow jam ‘Low Rider’ that the band were credited as co-writers, and many of the songs – ‘Crash and Burn’ included – find Rhett pushing his voice to new limits.

Over thirteen tracks, seven of which Rhett co-wrote, the tone is both progressive for country lovers and a throwback for pop fans.