Tim McDonald is an elite, Yamaha endorsed piano player based in Nashville, who has toured the world manning keys for Hank Williams Jr, Olivia Newton-John, Mark Chesnutt, Blake Shelton, Johnny Hiland, Cory Morrow, Byron Berline, Josh Gracin, and Steve Holy. Additionally Tim has had the honour to perform with guitar studio legend and artist Larry Carlton. His artistry has seen him featured in four series of the TV hit ‘Nashville’ and he has visited Australia a number of times playing with Olivia Newton John. As well as four jazz albums, Tim has released a number of very credible country albums, Lucky You, May I Live In Your World, Livin’ Breathin’ Havin’ Fun and Tim’s Dems prior to this set, Life Worth Livin’ which boasts some fine no-nonsense country music, great players, top production and, perhaps inevitably, puts me very much in mind of Phil Vassar in style. One Dylan cover, and the rest written by Tim – ‘Last Thing You’ll Ever Need’ and ‘That’s What Love Could Do’ are co-writes with Kirsti Manna (Blake Shelton, and Big and Rich) ‘You and Me Weekend’ with Kris Bergnes and the title track with none other than Adam Eckersley and Scott Greenaway. timmcdonaldband.com/