Adam Brand

Since the last album, My Side of the Street, and the last time we chatted you’ve had a few changes of address and kicked some goals with a side-project or two. You moved to Townsville and opened a restaurant called Brandy’s on the Strand up there in torpid, tropical NQ and had a couple of years in the land of lots of time; where it’s mostly too hot to get too frantic about anything.

So bring us up to date on what you’ve been up to?

“I guess the biggest change has been moving from Nth Queensland back down to South East Qld. Even though I enjoyed my time up north, and Townsville is a great place to live, I felt I was too far removed with too much travel to get to shows. I needed to be closer to the heart of the country music industry. Plus, while I absolutely love the restaurant scene, the business side of it and the demands of staffing and so forth just became all consuming. So now I’m back to being a plain old country singer!”

And you subsequently spent the majority of last year out with The Outlaws project?

“The Outlaws was a long-cherished dream that came to fruition. For more than a decade I had this crazy idea to put together a party band made up of my mates (all artists in their own right) to record our favourite party songs and go on a huge road trip working that music! It’s been so rewarding to watch what the guys have done since the Outlaws – Matty (Cornell) and Drew (McAlister) have recorded great new music, Travis (Collins) won not only his first Golden Guitar but a trifecta of them, and is becoming a big star in his own right, and Mike Carr continuously writes amazing hit songs. I’m proud to call those guys my mates.”

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