Adam Harvey

Stepping inside the studio to record his 10th studio album Adam knew it could well be a once in a lifetime moment – and momentous it was. The address is 3100 Belmont Boulevard Nashville, Tennessee. Welcome to Sound Emporium Studios. A place where legends have sent their truth into the world in song since 1969. One can almost sniff the whiff of Willie and Waylon in the walls. The studios are a world-renowned hit factory and have been since iconic producer Jack Clement decided he wanted a place of his own and built them. Cowboy Jack, as he was known, previously had huge success at Sun Records in Memphis where he produced Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash among many, and wrote Cash hits ‘Ballad of a Teenage Queen’ and ‘Guess Things Happen That Way,’ moved on to Nashville and country music. Almost 50 years on, the lanky, laconic crooner from Australia, Adam Harvey, can now say he has recorded in the House that Jack built, with the finished prize aptly named The Nashville Tapes.

“The studio is exactly as it was back in the day – to see all the history, unchanged, I was like a kid in Disneyland.”

Resisting the temptation to join the stampede to anything but ‘real country music’ Harvey is much more comfortable following his heart.  “Forget country rock or country pop, I thought I’m going in the other direction,” he proudly reflects. “I followed my gut instinct and wrote and recorded a 70’s country album.”

“That was my favourite era of country music, nowadays these new country acts all look like catwalk models and spend their lives in the gym. The first song I wrote for the album was a co-write with Mike Carr, I told him ‘I’d rather be a Highwayman than a Rolling Stone’ … and that became the title of the first song on the album.”

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