Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde has announced April 3rd as the release date for Never Will, the follow-up to her wondrous debut album Girl Going Nowhere. Produced by Jay Joyce. The LP has eleven cuts and McBryde is a writer on all but two, with collaborations with tunesmiths including Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Jeremy Spillman.

With lead single, ‘One Night Standards’ followed by ‘Martha Divine’ and finally ‘Hang in There Girl,’ McBryde gave us a double-down treat with a three part ‘mini-series’ – each instalment building on the last drama in the felonious video trilogy.

A fist-pumping, crunchy-rock anthem of solidarity, ‘Hang in There Girl’ finds McBryde sympathizing with the song’s 15-year-old subject, who is “barely hangin’ on” in a trailer park on the other side of town. As for the video storyline, McBryde continues her role as a motel desk clerk who alerts her friend to the exploits of her philandering father and one ‘Martha Divine’ in room 108. In the previous instalments, the cheaters incurred the young woman’s wrath as she burst into the room brandishing a shovel, but while her dad got away, the Martha character was next seen wrapped up and dumped into the trunk of a yellow Plymouth.

With McBryde riding shotgun, the car is driven to a salvage yard and crushed, (after a detour to the woods and the ‘killer’ line “…Martha Divine your ass is mine/it’s not murder if I bury you alive”) …but Ms Divine’s fate is left to you to determine…