Luke O’Shea

Caught Up In The Dreaming By Paul McBride With a sixth album, Caught Up in the Dreaming, set for a January release and a heavy touring schedule locked in, Luke O’Shea is a very busy man indeed. While many artists in a similar position would be tinkering with songs day and night, O’Shea decided this […]

Fanny Lumsden

Hatching A Plan – Not Playing With Chooks By Gareth Hipwell Fanny Lumsden – Edwina Margaret to her family – hails from the tiny town of Tallimba in the New South Wales Riverina. Tallimba is situated – as Fanny has herself been known to observe onstage, by way of clarification – “not far from West […]

Sydney Country

With Gareth Hipwell I was only half-joking when I told a friend recently that, life is just a tedious exercise in killing time between Drive-By Truckers releases. Launchpad of Convict Capital favourite Jason Isbell and one of the great storytelling outfits of our time, Drive-By Truckers are one of those rare bands whose albums I […]

Roots & All

With Kim Cheshire Matt Fell Generally speaking I suspect that the majority of music fans neither know nor care who produces an album and probably very few ever bother to read the credits. But with most genres there has always been a small army of devoted fans who really do want to know absolutely everything […]

Bluegrass Truth

With Hamish & Lachlan Davidson As we write this column, we are right in the middle of a fantastic festival season which began in October and has welcomed some great International guests to our shores as the northern hemisphere heads into winter. We’ve been playing up and down the east coast, jetting off on countless […]