Beccy Cole

Of all the inmates of the animal kingdom, the lioness is perhaps the most fitting spirit mascot for the indomitable Beccy Cole. From leading the pride, to directing the hunt and inducting cubs into the traffic of the world, the lioness commands her world, from the jungle to the savannah. With the year only halfway spent, 2018 has already seen the versatile South Australian entertainer get hitched – tying the knot with longtime partner and fellow artist Libby O’Donovan – as well as wrapping up a monumental national tour with Adam Harvey in support of The Great Country Songbook Vol. II, and finding the space to write and record glorious new studio album Lioness.

“It’s one of those things that you’ve just got to put aside time to do,” Beccy says of songwriting. “It means that you’ve got to stop the spinning of everything else and just suspend time, find somewhere amazing, and let all the creative bits come in. I was lucky: my brother’s actually got a shack on the Murray River up near Morgan in South Australia, and I just locked myself away there and sat by the river and created it all.”

Happily for Beccy, a few bottles of the region’s celebrated wines – hand-delivered by brother Matthew – provided some welcome lubrication for the creative process.

“That helps, too!” Beccy laughs.

Adding another string to her bow, Beccy also now counts a Medium Rigid (truck) drivers licence among her enviable qualifications – an accomplishment set to bring some added ‘can-do’ verve to the hard-touring star’s Aussie Road Crew adventures. Does a secondary career as a long-haul trucker beckon, I wonder?

“I had the dream that probably every muso has of getting a bus and converting it,” Beccy says. “We all talk about it: every artist, every muso says, ‘one day I’ll get a bus’. So I got it. I remember, years ago, when Adam Brand bought a bus, he had a driver who came along with him. And I said to myself, if I ever do it, I’m gonna drive my own bus! It just kind of snowballed from there. It was such a proud day, achieving something that was not even in my normal realm of goals. Heavy Rigid is my next goal. I’ve got one more thing I have to do to get my Heavy Rigid licence – I think it was reversing a whopping great semi or something. Something you’d never do in real life!”

An intensely personal album that breathes exquisite colour into what has been an incredible year for Beccy, Lioness is a landmark recording for more reason than one.

Firstly, It represents Australian music’s first 100% female-produced album.

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