Country Update: Issue 70

Issue 70 looks at the legacy of Slim Dusty a decade since his passing, and has feature articles and one-on-ones with Alan Jackson, Sara Storer, Chris Young,Dianna Corcoran, Charlie Pride, John Williamson, Beccy Cole, Adam Brand, Jasmine Rae, Luke Bryan, Aleyce Simmonds, Harmony James, Ashleigh Dallas and many more! Tour & Festival news and CD Reviews from both top and bottom of the world – the world of country music!!

Luke Bryan: Crash My Party

2013 is one continuous party for US country sensation, Luke Bryan. The thirty- seven year old – possessing what has been termed a ‘frat boy/farm boy persona’ – has two album releases; March’s Spring Break…Here to Party and August’s Crash My Party. In April he used his abundant charm and cheeky smile to gatecrash the Academy of Country Music Awards, debuting the ‘Crash My Party’ single while co-hosting the event.

Dianna Corcoran: What the World Needs Now

Well, as kids you all play in the sand pit together and at times it can get pretty rough in there – big kids, little kids, bullies and sand fights are all just part of the norm and you either toughen up or get out! However, over time you find that there are those special little children who just plug away each day through the chaos because quite simply, they love it – building up those sand castles regardless of pitfalls and potential devastation.