Jinks is an enigma to me – he brings all the sounds and all the feels but still fails to sell me somehow. Lifers – 8th album from the thrash-metal act turned indie-country outlaw – chugs along with a martial, and somewhat sinister, focus. Lead single ‘Must Be The Whisky’ gave no new spin on an old cliché including “I got ‘I love you’ on my mind, I got Jim Beam on my breath,” Jinks sings with seeming clear-eyed honesty as he tries to untangle exactly how his latest relationship landed on the rocks. ‘Can’t Quit Enough,’ is a boogie setting a solid tone as an ode to the working-class musician. “We go all over the United States, man, and people tell us, ‘Thank you,’” says Jinks of his shows with his band, The Tone Deaf Hippies (his fan club is the ‘Flockers’) “There’s no bullshit in our show. There’s no dancing, there’s no sparkle-bottom jeans. We get out there and we rip people’s faces off.”