I was unfamiliar wth the work of Colter Wall and have included this album as fans of bush ballads would love it and it bears praiseworthy nods to many cornerstone pioneers of the balladeers’ genre, inc some a throwback swing rhythms and even a turn at yodelling from the baritone singer.

In addition to seven original songs written by Wall, the album also includes versions of Billy Don Burns’ ‘Wild Dogs’, Wilf Carter’s ‘Calgary Round-Up’ and two cowboy traditionals, ‘Night Herding Song’ and ‘Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail’.

Wall comments, “One thing I’ve noticed is that people all over the world really don’t know much about Canada at all…When you talk about Saskatchewan, people really have no idea. It’s an empty place—and I really wanted people to look at our Western heritage and our culture.”

In addition to Wall (vocals, acoustic guitar), the album also features Cobb (acoustic guitar), Lloyd Green (pedal steel), Chris Powell (drums, spoons), Jason Simpson (bass), Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Blake Berglund (vocals) and Corb Lund (vocals).