Issue 72


Hi and welcome to the New Year and a big bunch of new stuff!

We’re all a little deferential here at present with the amount of new Golden Guitars that came home from Tamworth with our hitherto humble writers… no less than four GGs between them for Luke OShea, Lachlan Bryan and Pete Denahy – we dubbed it the Country Update Trifecta for the 3 of them. Very proud of them all and I’m sure there are many more rewards in store. I expect they’ll be launching their own brand of manly country cologne or something irresistible in gentlemens’  fiddle-emblazoned ‘smalls’ Pete?

The other exciting news here is the launch of the new Country Update website which is Oh-so-state-of-the-art and has all manner of hi-tech gizmos, news is fresh daily and there are promotions and lots of prizes to win so please check it out.

And speaking of winners, there were some ‘vocally animated’ winners of Dolly Parton Concert tickets in every State, and CMC Rocks the Hunter weekend passes, a couple of weeks ago when we notified them – it pays to hold the phone away from your ear when making these calls!

I have noticed with this issue of Country Update that every writer reported how exceptionally good the new music they’d had to work with was. I think it must rate as an all time positive-pinnacle for one quarter – I know I loved the Rosanne Cash album, and she was such a sweet subject to interview. We were laughing uproariously within five seconds of Hello, and it was as warm and casual as chatting to a friend.  And what is not to like about Kristy Cox, Jennifer Nettles or Kris Kristofferson? Gotta love this job – the most fascinating people ring up -and I don’t even have to leave the farm!

And check out the glitzy photo layouts from Tamworth and the CMAA Awards. CU photographer David Jackson was almost a grease spot by the time he stopped running from venue to venue in the heat. And he’s covering CMC Rocks the Hunter with daily updates to the website, and in June he’s off to Nashville for the CMA Festival, so you won’t miss a thing.