Fanny Lumsden

In the spirit of full disclosure it was me who said (taking the mickey) to the inimitable Ms Lumsden re her Fallow album cover: “What the blue blazes were you doing sitting on a horse on a hilltop wearing your pyjamas, sending smoke signals?!”

To which she replied archly that those ‘pyjamas’ were “the most expensive retro outfit I’ve ever invested in” and “…is in fact an Italian ensemble no less! And you would scarcely expect me to do the expected?! And I thought the smoke trail added interest to the composition.”

That is where the banter ends and bitter irony imposes.

For the past weeks since New Year, all the Lumsden family, neighbours and friends have been in a hellish horrorscape of bushfires that seemed endless, as whenever one destructive front was beaten into submission or burnt back on itself with a wind change, another brought a fresh onslaught to threaten them. Fanny, her husband and bandmate Dan Stanley Freeman and their son Walter live in the Tooma valley which is on the western side of the Snowy Mountains, in the Snowy Valleys which was surrounded on three sides by the ‘mega fire’ where Dunns Road and East Ournie/Green Valley Fires met…