Americana, Country-esque, Southern Fried Rock four-piece juggernaut – If the Heartbreakers and the Stones had a sleazy relationship…(they said that; not me) Abounding with rich, raw energy and gaspingly good musicianship, there are songs about Mondayitis, the void at the end of relationships, political apathy, reassessing priorities to slow the world down, not letting the bastards win without taking a stand and …a canoe! Well, quality ‘water’ time I guess. Good Will Remedy are William Lebihan, Mitch Reid, Robert Penman and Dave Newman and are Brisbane based.

Gathering a host of guest performances from Danny Widdicombe (The Wilson Pickers) on pedal steel, Dan Mansfiedl (You Am I) on organs throughout, Brett Fowler Wurlitzer and piano and Adam Connelly on the sax.