Firstly, all the best for a very happy new year in 2015 and I hope all revellers and pilgrims to Tamworth have revived from the Festival. This annual mecca has once again brought to light an inordinate amount of new talent and youngsters to keep an eye on, along with the big Award winners at the Golden Guitars, and the hundreds of hard working acts who entertained tens of thousands of fans. Congratulations to all of the winners of all the competitions, and it was exciting to see some new names elevated to join the more well-known and feted top echelon of Golden Guitar winners. These stars have worked long and hard and sacrificed much to rise to that level of recognition and most have put twenty years into becoming overnight successes.

I don’t know if it is the current political unrest or perhaps the centenary of the ANZAC landing but something seems to be inspiring and fomenting unrest, as so many stories cover themes of protest and standing against injustice this issue! It is certainly unprecedented that an artist wins three Golden Guitars on Saturday night and gets arrested Tuesday morning.

The next big event on the country calendar for March will be CMC Rocks at Willowbank near Ipswich, and I for one am very much looking forward to catching a Kacey Musgraves performance as I think she stands like a beacon amid the fog of female music coming out of Nashville currently. Following that, Urban Festival in May with its’ evolving brand of Urban turbo-tonk then on to Broadbeach in June.

For this issue, I had the double-delight of interviewing Trisha Yearwood, one of my all-time favourite soul-soaked singers and Kacey Musgraves, one I am certain I will continue to admire and enjoy for a long time. I hope you enjoy their stories.

A new journalist joins our team in Girard Dorney. We welcome him and report that he survived his baptism of fire at Tamworth admirably.


Denise Torenbeek