ISSUE 80 – out now!


Welcome to another whopper edition packed with all the news from the Tamworth festival and the Golden Guitar Awards which are all featured in the wonderful photo essay by David Jackson in this issue. Congratulations to all the winners on the night including our own Pete Denahy who snavelled two GGs, but he’ll tell you all about that on P104. I am probably biased, but I think our content just gets better and better – I’m always excited when our writers submit their articles. There is so much magical new music being released and things happening. Gareth has an unquenchable passion for such a broad palette of country from roots to hillbilly, but I was surprised when he said he’d like to take the Doug Bruce feature, it being pure honkytonk – and he’s done a great yarn in my opinion.

Mikaela visited with Graeme Connors to talk about his Sixty Summers project and matching milestone birthday – Happy Birthday Graeme with much kudos and many happy returns!

I cannot stop playing the Bennett, Bowtell and Urquardt CD and you are in for a rare treat with Silos from Sara Storer. I was fortunate to speak with some really fascinating characters for this issue. I enjoyed compiling their stories very much and hope you enjoy reading them. Talking with Clint Black was delightful and Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum was full of surprises. Loretta Lynn is incredible – to be still formidable, so sassy and energised at 83 is mind blowing. The woman was a contemporary of Patsy Cline! Cline has been accruing her legendary status for a full half a century since her death, yet Loretta has seen them all come and go and here she is still making and breaking records and winning Grammys.

One story I didn’t have time to do was the article on my friend Pat Drummond’s Lifetime Songmaker Award. Sadly Pat’s Dad, Trevor, passed away in early February and with deadline looming, I asked Allan Caswell to pen something appropriate. Pat and I have been friends and co-writers for decades and have shared many a (mostly hilarious) red wine and tune-in-the-making session over the years, at each others’ homes or at festivals somewhere around the country. I was thrilled to hear he’d been selected to receive the honour. One of many fond memories of Pat’s albums in years past is the ritual of putting the CD on the stereo then sprawling on the lounge room floor to listen and read the lyrics and ‘study’ the songs like movie scripts. They’re always cryptic, controversial and complex and rewarded the listen in spades. Pat has also branched into acting, having the role of schoolteacher in movie Dinosaur Island last year.

In more good news, CMC Rocks Qld has sold out a month in advance of the festival which augers well for the future of the music and related events.

We will see you there or at one of the other upcoming festivals, and in the meantime enjoy your country and travel safely.

Cheers, Denise

Denise Torenbeek