Welcome to the Spring edition and now for the after-Winter ‘thaw and yeehaw’ as we embark on back to back festivals every few weeks through til Christmas.

You will note some changes with this issue, firstly the price increase for which I apologise and have tried to avoid for as long as possible. It has remained unchanged for six years and regrettably escalating costs have made it necessary.

The irrepressible (and newly engaged) Fanny Lumsden (Congratulations Fanny and Dan!) hosts the new Who Wears What & Why feature and talks to Kasey Chambers for the first column, among other intriguing explorations.

I happened to hear that Fanny’s major in an Ag Science Masters degree was Fashion in Fine Wool… and she is such a blithe spirit and so full of enthusiasm I knew she’d be the perfect anchor for the idea.

About the only album Shane Nicholson didn’t produce for this issue’s stories was Dolly’s I think! I jest, but it did strike me he’s been maniacally industrious as his name cropped up in the credits repeatedly. Nor is that a bad thing … just saying.

Kim Cheshire talked to Troy Cassar Daley about his new book and CD and the unedited version will be posted on the website as they waxed lyrical on many topics – about half of which fit in the pages allocated!

I’d like to sincerely thank Luke Austen for writing the tribute to Brian Young so lovingly, and Michael Waugh whom I tentatively asked if he might be interested in writing a piece on Allan Caswell’s 50 Years in Oz as he was due to be passing through the Blue Mountains and writing with Allan. The story arrived in my Inbox the next day!

The Gympie Muster celebrates its’ 35th birthday and those of us who were there for the first one can only shake our heads and wonder how the years went so quickly…and how we survived thirty five!

Congratulations Gympie Muster and I shall hope to see many of you there in a few weeks.

Cheers, Denise

Denise Torenbeek