Issue 89 OUT NOW!


With the recent drop in temperature to very chilly mornings and snow and frost in some areas, it is a good thing the festival season is about to turn the heat up in earnest here in Qld.

Starting with Groundwater (formerly Broadbeach) there seems to be a festival almost every weekend from now through to Summer.

CMC Rocks Qld was a monster weekend – packed to bursting and many bemoaning missing out on tickets. The big crowd winners were Luke Combs who vied with Luke Bryan (there has to be a ‘disciple’ pun going begging there but I won’t…) for most talked about & Dustin Lynch won himself a swag of fans – which didn’t surprise me as he was a delight to talk to for the interview I did with him back in Issue 87 and was a great character.

Kelsea Ballerini has been very warmly embraced – Morgan lucked out there – she is a sweetheart and quickly converting to an Aussie!

Compiling this magazine, it struck me again how different the accessibility of music is now, as compared to my generation of rabid fans – we would break our neck getting to the record store /mail order to fork out dollars to have some must-have record ordered in, on the mere whiff of a recommendation. 

Even disappointment wasn’t a drama as by then we were on the next treasure hunt! It was a rich and rewarding obsession, whereas with so many platforms, now it is a motherlode fit for a glutton! There is way too much to sample much less get to know and love.

So that is our mission – to whet your curiosity and hopefully send you on a gratifying quest!

We hope you enjoy our efforts at shaping the narrative to urge your investigation, whether it be through features or reviews – so quick to sample and cheap to buy you are never lost for choice!

Cheers, Denise

Denise Torenbeek