Country Update: Issue 70


Greetings !

As winter thaws into Spring and we de-hibernate ourselves with a spate of festivals, a smidgen of maths reveals that almost every artist in Australia is numbered in one bill or another of the big festivals coming up – Gympie Muster, Mildura, CMC Rocks NQ and Deni Ute Muster.

Plus there are a half dozen new festivals popping up, mostly around the north of NSW or Qld – check the Festivals section to see if there is one near you, as there are some beautiful regions displaying their natural treasures as well as their talent, eg Coffs Harbour, Granite Belt, Port Douglas.

I’ve commented before how each edition of Country Update discloses a theme that replicates itself, and this one certainly emphasizes female artists – strong women with something to say, forging ahead, cementing careers, branding themself as undisputed ‘stayers’.

Dianna Corcoran, Jasmine Rae, Aleyce Simmonds and Kaylee Bell are all staking claims with new, powerful and distinct albums carving big notches on careers here for the long haul.

Sara Storer ups the ante on her solid success to date with fifth masterpiece Lovegrass, Beccy Cole reviews 20 years of big hits, Ashleigh Dallas steps into the frame with her fine debut, clearly heralding herself as a gifted and individual talent, and Harmony James looks back on her ‘extraction’ from the scrub to the spotlight with the 20/20 perspicacity of hindsight.

None of these girls would tell you it was easy, and without exception they have made brave choices and discounted personal cost to reach their goals, ever in quest of the next ‘rung on the ladder’. They would, however, tell you they wouldn’t trade it for the world and it is that same unswerving passion that keeps every strata of the industry from fan to superstar ‘glued to the wheel’ in support of the music we love.

Country Update is proud to play a role in ‘spreading the gospel,’ bringing you the stories and news of the extraordinary talent we have in spades and constantly uncover. Australia is definitely the ‘lucky country’!

Enjoy it, sing it and celebrate it!

Kind Regards, Denise 
Denise Torenbeek