Murray is a regular fixture on Nashville’s trad-country scene and this album is produced by Michael Rinne and celebrates the dark Romanticism of the American South while also grappling with some of its thornier cultural ills. Murray is a serious devotee of old country as clearly attested here, but the album is also trimmed with Allman-esque Southern rock and elements of Mississippi hill country blues. First single ‘Lovers & Leavers’ has the best line – ‘saw a three legged dog two times in one week’ – which she claims actually happened so the second time she decided it was “some kinda sign”!

A strong thematic element threaded through the record questions blind faith in God, money, and love, and the repercussions of giving yourself to their pursuit. The unique and groovy percussive element, and the blistered harmonica work give a swampy, humid feel. She is a doozy – check it out!