Luke Bryan


Long lauded as being the pinnacle of the country music hierarchy and adorned with every award available, there is no hint of superstardom having disconnected two-time Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan, from his roots and an ordinary homelife common to all. There is a straight forward humility and humanity about the farm boy from Georgia with a truckload of talent, sharp moves, millions of fans, a string of hits nine years long and a smile he can’t wipe off his not hard to look at face.

His modus operandi has been to follow the Jimmy Buffett’s template: Play well, rock a little, drink some and party a lot. That easy-going attitude has paid off, leading him to the success express in double quick time.

For eight years now, Bryan has gone on the road with his Farm Tour in support of the way of life that raised him and the heritage of his peanut farming family, – fyi; his fan club is called “The Nut House” for that reason – but this time he adds Here’s To The Farmer, a new EP of tunes that are testament to the ups and downs of making a living off the land. The Farm Tour consists of advance selection of a suitable farm with a minimum 120 acre field and all amenities are provided to facilitate the concert. Rural areas are preselected on the basis of nearby centres having sold good numbers for city concerts previously.

Proceeds from each show go to send a child of a farming family or an agriculture student to college, plus he makes a presentation to a farmer at every stop along the way.

Bryan says a youth spent surrounded by all of the tasks and tolls that farm life can put on its workers only inspired him to become a determined worker at whatever he ended up doing for a living.

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