Luke O’Shea

What’s that old gag? How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans. Three years ago Luke O’Shea began work on his eighth studio album, hot on the heels of Sing You Up and Caught Up In The Dreaming

The Universe had other plans. Instead of donning the ‘mantle of successful superstar’ selling squillions of albums then touring and setting the world on fire … Luke donned ill-fitting overalls, hard hat and tool belt, and, jeopardising every sacred appendage with various power tools he naively embarked on a complete home renovation. 

Let’s hear this saga as only Luke can tell it shall we?

Luke here – Hello!

Be mindful we are not talking the glamorous, professional, up market renos you see in Grand Designs or The Block…it was more National Lampoon meeting ER! Anyway, with all my creative mojo and finances now focused on the home (& medical insurance) – the new album, with little more than a title – There In The Ochre – sat idly in the wings and over the next two plus years between hammering,  touring and gigging the songs were constantly road tested, tweaked and tuned until the lyrics, lines and melodies finally settled and matured and encouragingly. 

They survived the greatest test of all. Time.

There In The Ochre – like the reno – has been a labour of love!