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Greetings! And another year rolls to a close – it frequently feels like the mouse on the wheel syndrome here – we finish one Issue and start the next then change the date to the New Year and start over. Bit like real life I guess!

Several of our writers have taken retrospective looks at the best music they’ve reviewed and enjoyed in 2016.

It is ironic that while all aspects of the entertainment industry become increasingly challenging, much of the Australian music produced this year raises the bar to a new zenith in terms of sheer quality and organic originality. I am told the nominations for the Golden Guitar Awards are up 10% on last year and I look forward to hearing what they thrust into the spotlight.

For extra Santa season stocking-stuffers, apart from the exceptional Australian releases, there are an unprecedented number of Christmas albums (see story P62) – seriously it’s a tsunami of ‘Silent Nights’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ etc all set to set the tone at your place! – and dozens of new US albums, plus you can entertain yourself checking out the emerging artists highlighted on the superb CMA 50th anniversary spectacular seen on CMC this week.

How good was it to see so many of the gold-standard artists honoured from the so-dubbed “glory days” of country?

As we anticipate the festive season, save a shiver of excitement…for if you’re prone to the post-Tamworth blues, they won’t even kick in before the Dixie Chicks tour early next year with Little Big Town and the superb Mr James Taylor visiting Oz as well!

Our warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas, holidays filled with laughter and love and whatever you’re doing, stay safe and see you in 2017.

As always, thank you sincerely for supporting Country Update.

Merry Christmas!


Denise Torenbeek