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Okay, I am ready for Summer to be over NOW!

I’ve survived the drought, the heat waves, the seven months without rain, the fire hazard…

I’ve been a good little wildlife warrior and put out water for the birds ‘n bees, and critters diligently…but as of now I am all out of ‘peace, love and brown rice’ philanthropy.

I put up with the scrub turkeys and bandicoots uprooting every precious plant I battle to keep alive – I’m not saying I suffer silently; but I endure, I persist – what was not sufferable, nor silent, was the 6am Saturday kamikaze hornets that mistakenly thought I was a theme park ride, and got on board my person for the record-breaking sprint from the half-pruned creeper to the back door… Fifteen stings! Two days of steroids and antihistamines and I’m fine thanks.

Thanks to me and Mortein they are not.

Congratulations to all the Golden Guitar winners and I hope you enjoy our wonderful photos of those celebrations. David, our photographer, almost worked himself into a grease spot in the heat and did a great job.

We were especially thrilled for our Country Update writers, Luke O’Shea and Fanny Lumsden – whose column just for this issue is replaced with Red Carpet glamour. Fanny has been a tad busy – she and Dan got married in Dec, she turned 30, moved house, did a squillion shows in Tamworth and capped off January with New Talent Golden Guitar.

Congratulations to Glen Hannah, the guru who makes us look good, on being awarded his second Musician of the Year award, and of course he’s also the ‘backing band’ behind the brilliant Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart who won two Golden Guitars!

I believe the Awards show is still available to watch on IView at so check it out & they might even televise it next year if enough people watch!

It was a spectacular show rich in homegrown music and our unique diversity.

I was immensely proud of all involved; not forgetting those behind the scenes as it is a huge job.

Cheers, Denise

Denise Torenbeek