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And so to the Spring edition and the onset of festivals everywhere starting with the Gympie Muster – although Queensland’s winter run of festivals is gaining increasing impetus and the Broadbeach CM Festival at close of July was a blinder with attendee numbers almost double on last year and absolutely perfect weather for the celebrations.

The best part of winter (apart from the fact we don’t really have one!) here in the balmy Fraser hinterland, is the annual migration of southern artists on tour escaping the colder climate of home, who call in and visit Country Update HQ.

Quite apart from the pleasure of their company I am always inspired by their passion and new perspective on the music, especially the younger ones whose ideas and innovations are infectious with all sorts of amazing schemes and plans getting hatched around the veranda table. It is a hard enough road for established artists to sustain their careers and a good life balance and to see some of these troupers opening up new avenues of making a return on their investment fills me with admiration and hope for the future. Read how Fanny Lumsden and Dan have put their Country Halls Tour on the map of ‘off the beaten track,’ and Catherine Britt and husband James have instigated a new acoustic festival at Silverton as part of their outback odyssey.

Huge congratulations to Catherine and James on the happy announcement of their first baby being expected next January.

Among other visitors was Andrew Swift from Melbourne who zotted into Qld to perform a snappy 17 dates in 17 days, most of which were caravan parks – and he was ecstatic about the success of the venture and can’t wait to get back to do it again.

How about Shania Twain hitting the boards running again after 15yrs?! She had a lovely long chat with Mikaela and it will be interesting to watch her renaissance unfold – with her customary fanfare it is bound to be a spectacular feast for the ears and eyes – not least the movie with John Travolta!

Fantastic new music releases this issue from O’Shea, Fanny Lumsden, Shane Nicholson, Brad Butcher, Drew McAlister, Mike McLelland, Melanie Dyer, and dozens more…if you cannot find something to love out of that lot you are not trying!

Cheers, Denise

Denise Torenbeek