Back issue 94





This is undoubtedly the saddest editorial I have penned for these pages ever – over many years it has been a great pleasure to welcome various new writers and photographers etc to join our team but never did I think I would have to farewell my treasured original co-conspirator and graphics guru Glen Hannah.

Glen’s loss is colossal and will impact our country music industry for aeons as he was an indispensable member of four bands and fulfilled a dozen other roles impeccably as you will read in our tribute to a beautiful man and his singular talent.

Glen Purkiss has kindly and capably accepted the mantle of designer for Country Update and I am grateful for his patience and compassion and thank him sincerely for his good work in very trying circumstances.

I have been blessed with love and support from a great many dear friends and this issue contains brilliant interviews with some of my favourite artists by some of my favourite artists.

Fanny Lumsden did the lovely Emma Beau article, Gretta Ziller, Michael Waugh and Graeme Connors became impromptu roving reporters, Luke O’Shea was touring NZ and put together the piece on the not-to-be-missed genius of Jenny Mitchell.

Brad Butcher says he is still pinching himself he got to talk with his hero and you will love his interview with Rodney Crowell. Gareth has Sheryl Crow musing on her country duets record and Scott Lamond got the nitty gritty on Kelly Cork and Blake O’Connor’s new albums. It was a joy for me to speak with the gorgeously humble and funny Vince Gill again among others.

The Winter slump of country activity is over with Big Red Bash, Groundwater and Gympie Muster blowing the cobwebs away with sold-out crowds and there is an influx of international artists and fabulous line-ups everywhere until the end of the year with C2C, Out on the Weekend etc exceeding all expectations.

I hope you enjoy this feast of good reading and please stay safe.


Denise Torenbeek