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Welcome to
the SUMMER edition.

Usually with the closure of the end of year issue I marvel at where the year went, but frankly, 2019 has been such a shocker it cannot be gone soon enough!

It has brought a series of disasters from beginning to end and I hope 2020 is set to compensate us all, firstly by bringing life-giving rain sooner rather than later to ease the burden of all those battling drought and heinous fires across the country as I write this.

Huge congratulations to all the CMAA finalist nominees. Such a variety of worthy music on offer across the board this year and new artists on the rise continue to ply their trade and make their way in a tough industry admirably. They make me proud, and I hope you have enjoyed reading and checking out the music of established acts and new proteges profiled through these pages.

I sincerely thank my team here at Country Update for their terrific work, friendship and unstinting support and extend my warmest wishes to them and to all our fantastic readers for a joyous festive season and I hope 2020 is a year filled with happiness and brings you all you hope for in spades.

Travel safe and see you at a Festival somewhere soon!

Merry Christmas!


Denise Torenbeek