Sunny Cowgirls


Setting out to catch up on what’s been going on in the life of the Sunny Cowgirls, Sophie and Celeste, on the eve of their new album, Here We Go, being released, I discovered there have been some dramatic life changes and one especially exciting little detail in the not far-off future.

Sophie – “Yes, a LOT has happened in the last couple of years! I decided it was time to grow up and marry the love of my life, Mick. He’s a Gunnedah boy. We met at Ag-Quip through mutual friends back in 2011, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later at a speed dating night in Tamworth, we realised we were the perfect match! We were both sceptical about the whole speed dating thing, and only went for a laugh… Turns out, they’re not so bad! We were married in December 2015 on the foreshore of Perth’s Swan River – an intimate party of 30 with just close friends and family. It was perfect! 9 months in, and we’re still as happy as can be! Married life has been pretty easy so far.

“We’re also very thrilled to announce there will be a little Sunny Cowgirl or Cowboy joining our clan in March 2017! You heard it here first!!! So, we’re smashing out the album and the huge tour before the little one gets here.”

Celeste – “Yeah some big life changes!!! It’s amazing what can happen in a few short years. Soph had a beautiful wedding over in Perth – I was the bridesmaid and it was just a great day and I enjoyed every minute. And yes a few months prior to that I had released my first solo album, Keeping Me Here. Looking back on making that record with Mark Donohoe over here in Perth it was just an amazing experience to grow as a songwriter and producer. A huge learning curve for me and something I look back on with pride. No other life changes – I haven’t got married or anything yet – still looking for my “Hemsworth kinda cowboy” – I’ll keep you posted!

Country Update – You are the darlings of the bush-based, real–life rural sector singles, with your partying and ‘insider’ perspective on life on the land. With you both embracing your thirties (I’m being presumptuous here! Are you?) how is that changing? Or, has your outlook and attitudes, if altered, translated into your music?

Celeste – “Haha yes I’ve just turned 30 in the last week so well done! I suppose our values are changing slightly. Instead of writing about partying at B&S’s and recovering at the footy the next day, we are more focused on the things that matter to us in our life at this point, family being the most important in our eyes. Having Soph living in Gunnedah at this exciting new stage in her life, and me being in the West – it’s not ideal! We would love to be closer and be able to have dinner together whenever we like. Also having lived in little country towns for a fair chunk of our lives, the importance of a strong rural community is something that we really value now, where we wouldn’t have earlier on. We appreciate the need to be involved and keep the country towns alive and healthy. And to keep the youth of rural communities wanting to stay in the country – instead of moving to the cities as soon as they’re old enough.”

Sophie – “I think people will always expect that from us, which is great, because it’s still who we are! Yes, we’re older and wiser (I hope), and one of us is about to become a mother! But, at the end of the day, we’re still those same people – living on the land, still partying, still driving utes, still dreaming! Everything we write about comes from the heart and from real life experiences. The songs on this album are “classic Sunny Cowgirls” – they still embrace the “work hard: play hard” ethic, the beauty of Australia and all of the wonderful things about it, family and friends. We’re lucky though, because our fans are growing up with us. Hopefully we’re all still on the same page.”

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