Welcome to the Spring edition and now for the after-Winter ‘thaw and yeehaw’ as we embark on back to back festivals every few weeks through til Christmas. You will note some changes with this issue, firstly the price increase for which I apologise and have tried to avoid for as long as possible. It has […]

Troy Cassar-Daley

By Kim Cheshire. As any of my friends will attest, I’m not really big on sentimentality and I like to think that I have a finely tuned bullshit barometer, so when asked to appraise the commercial version of someone’s personal life story my sensory apparatus is usually set on high alert. Australia’s finest country singer […]

Dolly Parton

It’s been many years now since my one and only interview with the one and only Dolly and it was thrilling to have this opportunity to delve into her current music, movies, attitude, milestones, projects and life. There is nobody like her. She is warm, big-hearted, funny, charming and the undisputed queen of the quotable […]

Brian Young

By Luke Austen. Searching my heart, it is difficult to find words to do justice to this World Champion rodeo rider, stockman, drover, songwriter and all round showman, who learned his trade with The Rick and Thel Carey Show, and would persist to ultimately become the last of the travelling showman. I can only tell […]

Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley, pioneering bluegrass musician and one of the principal remaining links to the origins of traditional American music, died June 23rd at his home in Sandy Ridge, Virginia due to complications from skin cancer. Stanley was 89.    A venerated long-standing stalwart loved by the bluegrass community, in the 1990s he found unexpected new […]

Amber Lawrence

I caught up with the delightful Amber Lawrence – ‘caught’ being the operative word, as she’s always on stage or on a plane – to talk about her fifth studio album, hot on the heels of her magical kids record that Luke O’Shea previewed in last issue of Country Update. DT: Two albums in just […]