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Greetings! Welcome to another year in country music and after the frivolity and fanfare of Tamworth we get down to what’s coming for the rest of 2018 and there is plenty – with new albums, new festivals, existing festivals and tours galore. In this role I am often fascinated by how recurring themes insert themselves […]

Adam Eckersley & Brooke McClymont

Every once in a while something comes out of the musical maelstrom that is extraordinary and nothing like you thought it would be – and in this instance, vastly more than the sum of its’ parts. When you know that a couple of country music’s leading singer-songwriters have an album in the pipeline and you […]

The Wolfe Brothers

‘Round here we get high on that Cascade blue – start throwin’ ‘em back when there ain’t much to do,’ sings Nick Wolfe at the outset of soaring anthem ‘Ain’t Seen It Yet’ – the first track and lead single lifted from the Wolfe Brothers’ towering fourth studio album, Country Heart. In case there was […]

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Surprisingly later rather than sooner, after sharing tours, hits and a 21-year marriage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have finally released a duets album. The twelve collaborative tracks deliver enchanting romance in boundless depth with the richest male and female harmonies country music has produced in ages. The content is on point – territory you […]

Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes

‘Now it’s raining on the Hawkesbury, it’s slippery on the road, and she’s dialling up another song he doesn’t know. Some girls quite like country music, but that’s not so common now…’ So sings Lachlan Bryan on ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Middle Aged Man’, the second track of Bryan and band the […]

Andrew Swift

Caravanning is fast becoming a routine incident of the Australian country circuit: to wit, Country Update favourites Luke O’Shea and Fanny Lumsden have each been enthusiastic proponents of caravan touring in recent years – Lumsden and husband Dan Stanley Freeman crisscrossing the landscape in their own soon-to-be-iconic Millard caravan with the Fans and Dan Van […]

Deep Down South

With Gretta Ziller. Hello readers! I’m writing this article on my first Sunday back in Melbourne after the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and I must say the only thing that has eased the post Tamworth blues that we all experience, is coming back to a perfect Melbourne summer! For those that don’t know what that […]

Bluegrass Truth

With Hamish and Lachlan Davidson. Tamworth was a real blast for us this year, we got along to Pete Denahy’s Bluegrass & Comedy Breakfast show and Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club both of which were full of great musicians and on-stage jams. We also performed with Melinda Schneider at her show which she opened with a […]