The band recorded Signslive to two-inch analogue tape for the first time, using their original Neve Console combined with a ‘70s Studer tape machine. Recording live to analogue tape gives a glowing warmth to the overall sound of the album. Song titles like ‘Strengthen What Remains,’ ‘Still Your Mind,’ and ‘All The World’ point to the album’s overall emotional vibe. While there’s a sense of loss and frustration that permeates the album, there is also a feeling of optimism. Throughout, especially on ‘Hard Case,’ the band effortlessly blends rock and blues and soul, accompanied by Trucks’ impassioned guitar playing and Susan’s soulful vocals.

Recently the group endured a number of tragedies: the passing of mentors like Leon Russell and Trucks’ uncle and Allman Brothers alumnus Butch Trucks, as well as founding Brother Gregg Allman. Derek Trucks was with the Allman Brothers from 1999 until 2014.